Extreme Frugality, Weirdo Edition

My dad has some famously frugal moments. Most of it was a good example, some of it was obsessive, and in some ways I've proudly surpassed him. I bet you'll find something in this list that you hate, or at least disagree with. In no particular order: I shave with disposable straight razors. The holder … Continue reading Extreme Frugality, Weirdo Edition


One Punch!

Crazy sore today. Hurts to sit. Or move. Or lie down. Yesterday I failed to start the "One Punch Man" challenge. 100 Sit-ups!!! 100 Push-ups!!! 100 Squats!!! 10km Run!!! 3 meals a day A banana for breakfast No HVAC Every! Single! Day!! If you've never seen this show, it's on Netflix and it's unlike any … Continue reading One Punch!

May 29, 1939

I have another blog out there, maryjohnsondiary.wordpress.com (reblogged below), which is research into the mindset and language of the 30’s for a project I’ve been working on.

Last night’s diary entry was particularly notable, because it mentioned two pieces of media that have since been forgotten. The book, “Mulberry Square” has a handful of fond reviews, so I ordered it. It’s apparently about a “Hotel California” kind of place where you can never leave.

I recently realized that there was a shift in writing styles in the 30’s. For example one author: “A 1922 poll of critics in Literary Digest voted Hergesheimer the “most important American writer” working at the time.” and then in the 30’s ” both critics and writers favoring a more terse, tough-guy style. Hergesheimer’s gift for flowery writing did not translate well in this new environment, and by the middle of the decade his popularity had fizzled.” I’m interested to see how a well remembered novel holds up, compared to the things that remain popular from that period.

The youtube video is just a radio program that aired 79 years ago, sponsored by Lux soap flakes. It is gobsmackingly terrible. It sounds like a few teenagers got into the studio one night when nobody was around and started to read a story one of them had written in the 9th grade. I can’t figure if this is a reflection of the market from the demand side or the supply side?

Five Year Diary

Dear Diary :

Today I read a book entitled “Mulberry Square” by Lida Larrimore. Talking about good, it was grand.

Listened to Lux theater “Only Angels Have Wings.”


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