To draw no envy

For some years after watching the movie "Anonymous", I thought very little about it. It was a crank theory, but fun. After reading about the recent debates around DaVinci's painting attributions and Van Gogh's sketchbook, I dove back in. I was driven in part by the modern conspiracy theories and how they trap people in … Continue reading To draw no envy

At Eternity’s Gate

When I was a school-kid I remember a whole unit involving Van-Gogh. We saw some of his work in a museum, and we each had to produce our own version of Starry-Night. I've often thought back on this as a special kind of childhood lesson that put a fine point on things: that this was … Continue reading At Eternity’s Gate

Earth is a Nature Preserve

Known sci-fi plot list: ContemporaryAliens are among us (Alien Nation)Aliens are among us -secretly (MiB)Aliens have been watching TV (GalaxyQuest, Explorers, Futurama, The Abyss)Super Scientist saves everyoneSuper Scientist goes crazy, must be stoppedSuper Scientist has ennui and seeks adventure and family grounding (Rick and Morty)Parallel world (Man in the high castle)Parallel world: non-human earth cultureNazis … Continue reading Earth is a Nature Preserve


Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2021 10:24:59 -0400Subject: We should stop giving 2 doses of the vaccineFrom: Erik SaxTo:,,,,,,,, When they tested this new (Pfizer/Biontech) vaccine, they looked at a crosssection of people. Some of that group got a vaccine, some got a placebo,and some got nothing. … Continue reading Oped/Letter