The current photo-challenge reminded me of this moment in Iceland.


I found myself very alone even though I was with a busload of tourists. Everyone was spread out taking pictures of the various majestic cliffs and such, when I came upon this plaque, and I stared at it, wondering what it said, feeling a stranger in a strange land. Suddenly it hit me what at least one of the words was. Solar – up … Solaruppras, sunrise. I snapped the picture and forgot about it until now, when I was thinking about the silence of that moment – it felt dead quiet to me even though there was a constant whistle of wind in my ears.

Google translate gave me a rough idea of what this says, but I’m missing some of it, and tried to fit it into english a bit. Anyone out there speak enough icelandic to correct me? Searching for this particular poem got me nowhere. Google translate ate it quite badly on this and spit out some garbage so I tried to guesstimate what it might say, but here goes:


The sun shines golden rays on the sand,
New and beautiful life fills the hills and valleys
Hundreds of birds sing in the sky
butterflies in flowerbeds bathe in roses

Translating poetry in a language I don’t know turns out to be great fun!


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